Young Hollywood In Love

From TV Guide
August 11th, 2001

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By Diane Clehane

SHOWSTOPPER On Felicity, Scott Foley has had his share of relationship woes as Noel, the quintessential nice guy. When the 29-year-old actor was paired romantically with guest star Jennifer Garner, 28, for a few episodes in 1998, there was angst on-screen. But, off the set a real-life romance developed. They wed in L.A. in 2000. With Foley starting his fourth season on the WB hit and Garner poised for stardom in ABC's new spy drama Alias, the couple remains remarkably down-to-earth. "They are both so geniune that if you didn't know who they were, you'd never believe they were celebrities," says one friend of the couple's. "He's extremely thougthful and she's very sweet. They seem really happy together."

HOME SWEET HOME Foley and Garner prefer to spend most nights at home indulging their passions: cards and cooking. "When candles are lit and the wine is being drunk and there's a romantic CD on," Foley has said, "we're playing gin." In the kitchen, he likes to whip up his own recipe for mashed potatoes. But what his wife really values is his penchant for neatness. As Garner has raved, "He cleans up as he goes along. I just stick the plates in the dishwasher and say, 'You are my man.'"

WITH THIS RING Foley's search for the perfect engagement ring led him to Excaliber Estate Jewelry in L.A. When Foley asked owner Kurt Rothner to make out the writing inside the band of the vintage Tiffany ring he was admiring, the actor discovered it was engraved with the very month and day he had planned for his proposal. "Scott thought that was a sign, and that was it," Rothner says. "He's very romantic."