Jennifer Garner: Interview on
The Rosie O'Donnell Show
Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Transcribed by Bethany, Webmistress of

(Rosie's band plays. The audience cheers.)

ROSIE: Our next guest is the star of my new favorite TV show, Alias. Take a look.

(Alias clip is shown.)

(Sydney is leaving. The door to the white room opens. Jack is following her.)

JACK BRISTOW: I would have told you about the realignment, but you were in Badenweiler. (lower voice) I - I heard about what happened. It's tragic.

SYDNEY BRISTOW: I know about you! That you were hunted by the F.B.I.! And I know that mom died because they were after you.


SYDNEY BRISTOW: Every time I think I know just how awful you are, I learn something worse.

(The elevator bell rings. Sydney and Jack look at each other for a moment. Sydney gets inside the elevator.)

SYDNEY BRISTOW: But this time, I'm gonna make sure you pay.

(The elevator doors close.)

(End of Alias clip.)

ROSIE: But he's actually a good guy, her dad. And he tried to save her boyfriend before he got killed. Please welcome the very beautiful and talented Jennifer Garner!

(Rosie's band plays. Rosie stands up to greet her guest. Jennifer joins Rosie on the stage. The audience cheers and applauds. Jennifer and Rosie talk off the microphones. Jennifer and Rosie embrace. Rosie goes to sit behind her desk. Jennifer sits down in the guest chair.)

ROSIE: Hi, Jennifer Garner!

JENNIFER: Hello, Rosie!

ROSIE: How are you?

JENNIFER: I'm great. Thanks for havin' me.

ROSIE: I love the show.

JENNIFER: Thanks. I love your show; I'm so glad you like ours. When we first heard on the set -

ROSIE: Yeah.

JENNIFER: 3Rosie was talking about the show today.2 It - it just - we stopped in our tracks.

ROSIE: Well, it's so well done, and you're so good, and it's - and you know what - you have to pay attention to that show because -

JENNIFER: You really have to pay attention.

ROSIE: Cause you basically are recruited by SD-7.


ROSIE: Whatever.

(The audience laughs.)

ROSIE: And, um, you think that they are the FBI/CIA -

JENNIFER: I think that they are the CIA.

ROSIE: But they're not.

JENNIFER: They're not!

ROSIE: And you don't know that and neither do the other people working there.

JENNIFER: No. I - I think I'm workin' for the good guys. And I'm so not workin' for the good guys.

ROSIE: Well, Victor Garber also works for SD -


ROSIE: 6. Or 7.

(The audience laughs.)

ROSIE: And he's your father -


ROSIE: But you're sort of estranged.

JENNIFER: Yeah. We've had a rough time.

ROSIE: But he's a double-agent.

JENNIFER: He's a double agent as am I.

ROSIE: That's where it gets tricky everybody!

(Jennifer does a karate kick in her chair and then resituates herself.)

ROSIE: Right. And it's sort of - it's complicated in a great way, so that when you watch it you're like, what - where - what - what - what.

JENNIFER: Shooting it, I re-read the script every night so I know what I'm doing the next day because I just get so confused; my brain - I can't handle it all.

ROSIE: And you do a lot of great karate, kind of. You are tough!

JENNIFER: Can you stand it?!

ROSIE: You are tough!


ROSIE: You kick some serious butt on that show!

JENNIFER: I know! I - I watch it and I can't believe it!

ROSIE: Now do they make you take karate?

JENNIFER: Well, auditioning - when I was auditioning for it, I wanted the job so badly. You know how that happens sometimes?

ROSIE: Yeah. Yeah.

JENNIFER: You're just like - I'm gonna get the job, I'm gonna get the job. So I, um, I opened up the yellow pages and there was this guy who taught martial arts close to my house, Master Yu. And I went every day for private lessons the whole month that I was auditioning. And I bought the, like, the white suit and the belt - the little belt for beginning.

ROSIE: Yeah.

JENNIFER: And I bowed all the time, every direction, you know.

ROSIE: Right.

JENNIFER: And Master Yu just kicked my butt every day.

ROSIE: Really? Cause it looks you know what you're doing, when you do those flippy turns and the kicks and the -

JENNIFER: Thanks, man!

ROSIE: You -

JENNIFER: You wanna fight?

(Jennifer puts up her fists.)

ROSIE: No, I don't.

(The audience laughs.)

ROSIE: Cause you're tough! Do you have - you have a stunt double, obviously.

JENNIFER: I have a stunt double. I do all the fights and then she does all the fights. So if there's like a - a ridiculous outta control kick -

ROSIE: Yeah.

JENNIFER: You know, it might be her. (laughs) But -

(The audience laughs.)

ROSIE: But - but that - remember that big guy? Remember? The big guy who went through the beam?

JENNIFER: That huge guy? Yeah.

ROSIE: That huge guy. You got him, too!

JENNIFER: Yeah. That was - I think that was mostly me, ha!


(The audience applauds.)

ROSIE: And you know what else, Jenny, you get to, um, play all different characters cause you're always getting assignments.

JENNIFER: Yeah. And the languages -

ROSIE: Yeah, and she speaks different languages -

JENNIFER: I speak different languages. We've very global on Alias.

ROSIE: You are.

(The audience laughs.)


ROSIE: Yeah.

JENNIFER: It's cool.

ROSIE: Now, there's also a great sort of love interest. You had your fianci -

JENNIFER: Which one do you think is the love interest?

ROSIE: Oh, definitely the reporter guy who's on to you.


ROSIE: Totally.

JENNIFER: Interesting.



(The audience laughs.)

JENNIFER: What do you think about the patootie Michael Vartan?

ROSIE: Totally cute.

JENNIFER: Mmm-hmm.

ROSIE: But -


ROSIE: You, I don't think - well, I can see you developing that, but I think that other guy's got a wicked crush on you.

(Jennifer laughs.)

ROSIE: And then when you kissed -

JENNIFER: How cute is he?

ROSIE: They're all so - here's the thing -

JENNIFER: I mean, the two guys -

ROSIE: They're cute. And they're like not models -


ROSIE: But they're still adorable!

JENNIFER: And, like, sexy!

ROSIE: Sexy, yeah!


ROSIE: Except he's onto you, that reporter guy. What's his name?

(Jennifer looks thoughtful.)

JENNIFER: His name is Bradley Cooper.

ROSIE: Did you almost forget?

JENNIFER: Well, I almost called him by his character's name.

(Rosie laughs.)

JENNIFER: Which would be so embarrassing.

ROSIE; Oh, cause that was funny. You went, (imitates Jennifer) his name is... (end of imitation). Which is what I was doing when I was cheating in high school The answer is...

JENNIFER: Yeah. And, here we go, Will Tippin.

ROSIE: The War of 1812.

JENNIFER: No. Bradley Cooper.

ROSIE: Yeah. He's - and he's - I've never seen him before, and I had never seen you before.

JENNIFER: Well, we've both been around. Surprise.

ROSIE: What have you done besides this?

(Jennifer looks thoughtful.)

JENNIFER: Hmm I did a series a couple years ago talled - called Time Of Your Life, with Jennifer Love Hewitt -

ROSIE: Jennifer Love Hewitt.

JENNIFER: Mmm-hmm.

ROSIE: Now, see, I don't remember ya in that. Sorry.

JENNIFER: Yeah, well, I was her roommate.

ROSIE: Okay. Sorry.

JENNIFER: N'ya. That's alright. (a beat) And, um, I played one of the nurses in Pearl Harbor, with the curly hair and the glasses.

ROSIE: I never saw Pearl Harbor - it was too long.

(Jennifer says nothing, but it's obvious she agrees.)

ROSIE: I - I looked, but you know why? No, here's why. I didn't even see it. It couldn't have been good. It said 3 hours. You know what that means to a person who's trying to lose weight?

(Jennifer laughs.)

ROSIE: That is the extra-large popcorn, you know?

(The audience laughs.)

JENNIFER: Believe me.

ROSIE: There's no way I could see that movie.

JENNIFER: I - I so - I'm so with you. Yeah. Yeah.

ROSIE: Alright, so you did that, too.

JENNIFER: Um, so I did that and then Felicity. I had a guest spot on Felicity.

ROSIE: Right.

JENNIFER: Where I met my own cutie-patootie. My own man. Yeah. Scott Foley.

ROSIE: Yeah. Scott Foley, who's adorable and here.

JENNIFER: Yeah, he's here.

ROSIE: And is that an engagement ring I see?

JENNIFER: Oh, no, we're married. We've been married a year.

(Rosie looks surprised.)

ROSIE: How old are you?


ROSIE: You are?!


ROSIE: I thought you were, like, 20!

JENNIFER: No! I'm a grown-up!

ROSIE: You're an adult!


(The audience laughs.)

JENNIFER: No, I'm married!

ROSIE: You're married!

JENNIFER: I'm married! I've been married a year and two weeks!

ROSIE: That's nice!


ROSIE: And you met him on that show!

JENNIFER: Yeah! We met on the show, and then that was kinda it!

ROSIE: Wow! Now let me tell ya somethin'. I never - I thought that you were this, like, young actress that nobody had ever seen do anything and I'm like, "Who's the Julia Roberts look-a-like who's kickin' butt on ABC?!"

JENNIFER: No, I'm 100!

ROSIE: You're 100!

JENNIFER: I've been around!

ROSIE: You've been around!


ROSIE: Well, how was the wedding? Was it a big to-do?

JENNIFER: No, it was just 30 people in our back yard -

ROSIE: Yeah.

JENNIFER: And, um, we were engaged for 6 weeks, and we just kinda put it together and - and got married.

ROSIE: 6 weeks?


ROSIE: And how did you know he was the one?

JENNIFER: Um, he took me to Paris a couple of months in.

ROSIE: Mmm-hmm.

JENNIFER: I mean, he really courted me and every date was followed up with flowers and "thank you for going with me" and he asked me if he could kiss me the first time, I mean, you know, like, all the stuff. And he quit smoking, which was huge.

ROSIE: That's excellent.

JENNIFER: I know. Which was huge - 2 and a half years.

ROSIE: You can't date - you can't date a smoker.


ROSIE: You can't. It's not possible.



JENNIFER: And so, um, then he took me to Paris and he was such a gentleman and then - that was it, yeah.

ROSIE: 6 weeks, and then you got married.

JENNIFER: No, we were - we were - we dated for two years.

ROSIE: Oh, I thought you were talkin' about 6 weeks!

JENNIFER: Oh, dude, no! No! We were engaged for six weeks. We were -

(Rosie is very confused.)

ROSIE: And then you went to Paris?

JENNIFER (under her breath): Oh, my God!

(The audience laughs.)

ROSIE: Wait a minute.


ROSIE: You've been married - I'm sorry, I'm trying to get this!

JENNIFER (to the audience): Do you understand what I'm saying?

(The audience cheers.)

JENNIFER (to the audience): Yes! Thank you!

ROSIE (to the audience): Oh, it's me!

(Everyone laughs.)

ROSIE: You met him on Felicity.

JENNIFER: We met on Felicity, but -

ROSIE: Then you got engaged.

JENNIFER: We met on Felicity. We went to Paris a couple of months into our courtship.

ROSIE: Uh-huh.

JENNIFER: You're with me.


JENNIFER: And then a year in, we bought a house. Anyway, then two years in we got engaged, six weeks after the engagement we were married.

ROSIE: All right then, Jennifer!

JENNIFER: Thank you!

(The audience applauds.)

ROSIE: Well, I'm glad you're happy. Where did you grow up?

JENNIFER: West Virginia.

ROSIE: West Virginia.

JENNIFER: Mmm-hmm.

ROSIE: And where did you study acting?

JENNIFER: Dennison University.



ROSIE: That's a good place.

JENNIFER: Mmm-hmm.

ROSIE: I've never heard of it.

(Jennifer, Rosie, and the audience all laugh.)

ROSIE: Um, we're gonna take a break and talk more about your show because I love it. It's Alias. It's on right before The Practice. It's on ABC.

JENNIFER: Sunday nights, ABC. It's really cool.

ROSIE: They know The Practice, most people. You know, ten o'clock, ABC. So, they know.


ROSIE: Yeah. It's before The Practice, Sunday nights at nine on ABC. And it's a great show. And Victor Garber from Broadway plays her dad. And you could -

JENNIFER: And Ron Rifkin from Broadway.

ROSIE: Who's great.

JENNIFER: And Carl Lumbly from Broadway.

ROSIE: Ron Rifkin's the horrible SD-17, whatever it is.

(The audience laughs.)

ROSIE: He is the corrupt CIA pretender to be -

JENNIFER: He is so creepy!

ROSIE: Oooh, he's bad!

JENNIFER: Yeah, he's bad!

ROSIE: And he's a little bit on to you, honey. He's on to you.

JENNIFER: I'm not sayin' anything.

ROSIE: He is, I'm tellin' ya. I watch the show. I see scenes that you're not in. He's on to you.

(Everyone laughs.)

ROSIE: We're gonna be back with Jennifer Garner right after this.

(The audience cheers. Rosie's band plays.)

(Rosie's band stops playing. The audience cheers.)

ROSIE: Back with Jennifer Garner who's no relation to James Garner.


ROSIE: No. Nobody in your family's in acting, just you.

JENNIFER: No. Just me.

ROSIE: No. Now, I understand you love the Martha Stewart.

JENNIFER: Martha was on yesterday, wasn't she.

ROSIE: Yes, she was. She's enjoyable. You love it.

JENNIFER: I love the Martha Stewart.

ROSIE: Everything about her?

JENNIFER: I love the Martha Stewart.

ROSIE: The catalog?

JENNIFER: The catalog.

ROSIE: The show.

JENNIFER: The catalog! How good is the catalog?

ROSIE: I know.

JENNIFER: And the online catalog?

ROSIE: Do you order a lot?


ROSIE: I do.



JENNIFER: The show, the magazine, I'm a fan.

ROSIE: Yeah.

JENNIFER: And From Martha's Kitchen is - I like even more than Martha Stewart Living. Cause it's just the cooking.

ROSIE: Yeah. Are you a good cook?

JENNIFER: I don't know.

ROSIE: No, you know.

JENNIFER: Yeah, I mean, I'm a - yeah -

ROSIE: I mean, what do you make? Did you have a - you have a - like a favorite, uh, regular recipe?


ROSIE: Is there a special of the Jenny Garner household?

JENNIFER: I like to bake. But, no, I like to cook anything. I mean, she makes a lovely rack of lamb, Martha.

ROSIE: She does, yeah.

(The audience laughs.)

JENNIFER: And uh, yeah, I'm very fond of that recipe.

ROSIE: Right.

JENNIFER: And a really good quick spaghetti sauce that's done by the time your spaghetti's done boiling. That's another good one.

ROSIE: And, you know, she's really soothing, the way she talks.

JENNIFER: That's the point! It calms me down.

ROSIE: She's the Mr. Rogers of crafting.


ROSIE: Yeah.

JENNIFER: Thank you!

ROSIE: I know.

(The audience laughs.)

JENNIFER: Now, you're into the crafting.

ROSIE: I'm in - I'm very crafty.

JENNIFER: I'm not good at the crafting.

ROSIE: I've heard that, Jennifer.


(Jennifer laughs.)

ROSIE: I'm not gonna say anything, but I've heard - I said to Martha once she was on the show - I said, "What'd ya do yesterday?" It was around October, she said [imitating Martha Stewart], "I went outside and picked some fresh butternut squash and I made myself a lovely soup."

(The audience laughs.)

ROSIE: And I thought, who in God's green Earth could actually answer that as being true? At the commercial, I said - I go, "Are you lying, or is that a joke?" She goes, [imitating Martha Stewart] "Oh, no, the butter squashes are absolutely riper."

(The audience laughs and applauds.)

ROSIE: She's hysterical!

JENNIFER: Well, when I'm unemployed, which obviously I have been since you think I've - I was just born yesterday, um -

ROSIE: No, you're not gonna be unemployed cause this show's a big hit!

JENNIFER: Yeah! Yeah! It is!

ROSIE: It is!

JENNIFER: It is! It's doing really well!

ROSIE: And it's a really really really good show.


ROSIE: That show, and the show 24 are the two best new shows.

JENNIFER: Do you like that new show? That Kiefer Sutherland, mmm-hmm.

ROSIE: I think it's great. Kiefer Sutherland, he's a cutie.

JENNIFER: Yeah, he is!

ROSIE: Stop talkin' about other men. You're married.


ROSIE: And he's here.


ROSIE: And he's comin' out right now.

JENNIFER: Is he really?

ROSIE: Yeah, Scott Foley ladies and gentlemen.

(Jennifer smiles. Rosie's band plays. Scott Foley walks onto the stage. Scott gives Jennifer a kiss on the lips and Rosie a kiss on the cheek.)

ROSIE: Hey, Scott Foley! I didn't know you were married!

SCOTT: Who knew? Who knew?

ROSIE: I didn't know!

SCOTT: I got lucky!

(Scott sits down in the guest chair next to Jennifer's. They cross their legs towards each other.)

ROSIE: The last time you were here, Scott Foley, we had Minnie Driver tryin' to pick you up -


ROSIE: Remember?

SCOTT (pointing to Jennifer): She remembers.

JENNIFER: Oh, I know!

ROSIE: Yeah!

(Everyone laughs. Jennifer pats Scott on the back.)

ROSIE: Minnie Driver was totally into you.

SCOTT: It was good!

ROSIE: Yeah.

SCOTT: I had fun!

ROSIE: Yeah.


(The audience laughs.)

ROSIE: So, you were - you were - you met her and you knew right away?

SCOTT: Minnie? Yeah, I knew right away.

ROSIE: No, no, no.

(The audience laughs.)

ROSIE: Jenny. Jenny.

SCOTT: Jenny.

ROSIE: Yeah.

SCOTT: Yes, I met Jennifer and I knew right away -

ROSIE: Yeah.

SCOTT: And it took a little convincing -

ROSIE: Yeah, on -

SCOTT: On my part.

ROSIE. Yeah. Right.

SCOTT: You know, I think, uh, I was ready to go and ready to, you know, get in there and -

(Jennifer looks surprised.)

SCOTT: What?



ROSIE: No. Yeah, I knew what you meant, emotionally, yeah. Yeah.

SCOTT: And - and, uh, you know, and, uh, and she was - she was coming out of a relationship and a little stand-offish, but, um, Paris has a way of, uh, breaking through, you know.

ROSIE: Yeah.

SCOTT: Any - any issues that she had and - and things worked out pretty well, I think.

ROSIE: And how is it with your schedules when you're both doing hour dramas?


ROSIE: You never get to see each other really that much, do you?

JENNIFER: Well, Felicity is by the same creator - J.J. Abrams created both Felicity and Alias - so we shoot on the same lot.

ROSIE: Oh, that's good.

JENNIFER: Yeah. So, I go over and watch him play his video games, and he comes over and watches me fight and -

ROSIE: Karate chops. Yeah.

SCOTT: Yeah. We're very close.


ROSIE: Yeah, you know, I met that little J.J. Abrams when he sold his first script. I believe he was, like, 22-years-old.


ROSIE: He's a very talented young man.


SCOTT: He's amazing.

JENNIFER: He can do anything!

SCOTT: What was that - Regarding Henry?

ROSIE: Yes. Regarding Henry.

JENNIFER: Mmm-hmm.

SCOTT: Yeah. He's unbelievable.

JENNIFER: Mmm-hmm.

ROSIE: Yeah. He's very good.

SCOTT: Yeah.

ROSIE: I didn't know he created both those shows. Tell him I said, "Hello."

JENNIFER: We shall.

SCOTT: Definitely.

ROSIE: Now, you write me in to SD-7.



JENNIFER: You can so be in SD - you wanna be in CIA?

ROSIE: No, I wanna be in SD-7. I wanna be, like, somebody who's planted in there, to take down Ron Rifkin.

(The audience laughs.)

ROSIE: You know, I wanna be the person who, like, you know -

JENNIFER: Are you sure you don't wanna fight?


JENNIFER: We can fight!

ROSIE: No, no.

(Scott laughs.)

ROSIE: I wanna, like, you know, give him - give him like, uh, a shot of something that numbs him and - and he falls in love with me and -

(The audience laughs. Jennifer is amused.)

ROSIE: I don't know, something. Like, something.

JENNIFER: Interesting.

ROSIE: Yeah, and I want it to be - I want the nice font where [imitates the show] CAIRO [imitation over], you know how you go -

JENNIFER: Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah.

ROSIE: I mean, even if we don't go there, I just want it to say, like, you know -

JENNIFER: Okay. Cool!



ROSIE: You know, like that.

JENNIFER: We haven't been to Australia!

ROSIE: Yeah, that would be fun!

JENNIFER: We'll save it for you!

ROSIE: Well, the show is - is - it rocks. I'm not kiddin' ya. It's my favorite show.

JENNIFER: Please watch it!

ROSIE (to the audience): It's Alias, it's on nine o'clock on ABC Sundays and you gotta watch it.

ROSIE (to Scott and Jennifer): You two were delightful.

SCOTT: Thank you!


ROSIE: I'd like to have you over for Christmas.

SCOTT: Let's do it!


ROSIE: All right, then, we will.

ROSIE (to the audience): We'll be right back after this break. Don't go away.

(Rosie's band plays. The audience cheers.)