We Like To Watch: Is That A Remote In Your Pocket,
Or Are You Just Happy To See The New Fall Season?

From Maxim Magazine
September 2001

Transcribed by Bethany, Webmistress of Alias-Online.com

Keep Your Eyes On The Spies: Alias

Perky Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) has all the usual grad student problems: studying for a big exam, finding time for her fiance, and - oh, yeah - breaking into a Taiwan embassy. See, li'l Sydney is a black-ops agent for a hush-hush CIA unit; when she breaks her vow of secrecy, her world goes to sh*t. If you've ever wanted to see Felicity tortured by a sadistic dentist (and who hasn't?), this surprisingly gritty spy opera is for you.

Quote, unquote: "Stop talking about the Agency. You killed the man I love."

The Mix: 1/3 Dark Angel, 1/3 Felicity, 1/3 La Femme Nikita

(ABC, Sunday, 9 P.M.)

* Pulse-pounding action!
* Bodacious babe alert!
* Psst...conspiracies galore