Jennifer Garner: Interview on ABC's
Live! with Regis and Kelly
Friday, November 16, 2001

Transcribed by Tammy, Webmistress of The Michael Vartan Fantasy Zone
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Regis: The femme, female, undercover, CIA agent on ABC's new hit show called's Jennifer Garner...Jennifer!

Regis: Hi ya doin'?

Jennifer: Hi, how are you?

Kelly: Hi, Jennifer, nice to have you here.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Kelly: Congratulations on the show...It's so good.

Regis: I see you running down the hallways chasing the bad guys, running for your never ends!

Jennifer: I know...I know... No it really doesn't but I wanna tell you... I wear these pants on the show and they're my favorite. (points to Kelly's cargo pants)

Kelly: Thank you very much.

(The audience cheers.)

Regis: Yeah, that's terrific but I notice you're not wearing them today on this show, are you?

Jennifer: I had umm... But I had to switch 'cause I didn't know.

Regis: (laughs) You are a double agent...You know but sometimes I lose track of who's doing what to who on that know... It gets a little confusing...

Jennifer: You have to pay attention Reeeg...You can't just sit back and eat chocolate.

Regis: Absolutely...So now, Your dad...Is he a double agent, too, or is he a single agent?

Jennifer: Clearly my father is a double agent.

Regis: On our side?

Jennifer: My, okay, so SD-6 is the bad guys but I thought they were good guys right, and I worked for them. I thought that they were a branch of the CIA. Then I found out that they were bad. They killed my fiance' and I found out that they are the bad guys. So the only way to take them down was to work for the CIA and become a double agent to take down SD-6.

Regis: Alright...good.

Jennifer: You with me?

Regis: Yes.

Kelly: We are right along with you.

Jennifer: And the only other person doing this happens to be my father with whom I have kind of a wonky relationship.

Regis: But he knows you're a double agent too?

Jennifer: Yeah, we're kind of, in it together and we haven't always gotten along, so this is our first thing trying to figure out a relationship.

Regis: And that of course is Victor Garber?

Jennifer: Victor Garber...yeah

Regis: Yeah, he's terrific. He's been on broadway here for...he's a terrific guy.

Jennifer: Oh, We have so many New York actors... We've Ron Rifkin, Victor Garber, Carl Lumly has been on broadway here...It's really cool.

Regis: Now, I'm sure they were lookin' for somebody who could handle all these physical stunts. Did you get yourself in shape? Or were you in shape before you auditioned?

Jennifer: Umm I... (audience member sneezes) Bless you... I was in pretty ok shape, but then as I was auditioning, you know, I took it so seriously, I wanted the job so badly. You know how sometimes there's just -

Kelly: Sure.

Jennifer: Some things that you go for 110% and so I looked in the yellow pages and, uh, there was this guy teaching martial arts pretty close to my house.

Kelly: Mmm-hmm.

Jennifer: And I went every day for a month -

Regis: Mmm-hmm.

Jennifer: And just let him beat me half to death.

Regis: Yeah.

Kelly: It's con - it's constant, I mean, it seems -

Jennifer: It's constant.

Kelly: Every scene you are -

Regis: Yeah.

Kelly: Beating someone to a bloody pulp. Every scene.

(Jennifer laughs.)

Jennifer: It's not every scene. There's a lot of relationship stuff as well. But, yes, I mean, Sydney does seem to get in a pickle quite often.

(A clip of Alias is shown from the episode "Truth Be Told." Sydney and an SD-6 agent are fighting in a car garage.)

Regis: Now, look at this.

Kelly: Watch this, I mean, this is serious. Look at how tough she is! Ooh!

(The audience cheers as the clip ends.)

Jennifer: When we finished - when we finished shooting that particular fight, I had a scene in the sh - in the shower a couple of days later -

Kelly: Mmm-hmm.

Jennifer: And I was so covered in bruises, they had to take tattoo paint and cover them up because I was just, like -

Kelly: Sure, you really do make contact, right.

Jennifer: 'Cause you get so into it. I -

Regis: Next time that happens, try a little bronzer.

(Everyone laughs except for Kelly, since Kelly was the one who he was poking fun at.)

Regis: But, so, you - you're hurtin' sometimes there, right, huh?

Jennifer: Well, I kinda - I kinda feel like they're - they're battle scars, you know? I -

Regis: Sure.

Kelly: Yeah. And the adrenaline is amazing.

Jennifer: And the adrenaline is amazing. I had no idea I would - I would get as into it as much as I do.

Regis: Now, before this, you appeared on Felicity.

Jennifer: Yes.

Regis: A recurring role, once in a while, you - you -

Jennifer: I was only on a couple of times.

Regis: A couple of times.

Jennifer: Mmm-hmm.

Regis: Right. But enough times for you to catch the eye of one of the leading men there whose name is Scott Foley, would check out the girl who would come once in a while and then follow it up, I would imagine, huh?

Jennifer: Yes, he did.

Regis: How - How did that happen?

Jennifer: He was very affective. Um, he's the kinda guy that when he was courting me he would call just, you know, every three days, like, he was very proper. He would call and then, "May I take you out?" "Can we go for a drive?" And we would go for a drive and the day after I would get a huge bouquet of flowers. And then -

Regis: Just for a drive?

Kelly: Ah, so nice!

Jennifer: And then after a month or so, "May I kiss you goodnight?" And I was like, "Yes! For the love of God!"

Regis: Now, wait. It took Scott Foley a month to ask for that kiss goodnight.

Jennifer: He was so sweet. He was really treating -

Regis: And this impressed you, right?

Jennifer: Yeah!

Kelly: Yeah, sure!

Jennifer: Because he respected me, Reeg.

Regis: That's it! Respect!

Jennifer: That's what I'm talkin' about.

Regis: A woman still wants to be respected.

Kelly: Yes, a woman does!

Regis: Yes!

Kelly: Yes!

Jennifer: Yes!

Regis: So - so, it worked.

Jennifer: Yeah, so -

Regis: So, how long did it take him to ask you to marry him?

Jennifer: Two years.

(Regis and Kelly laugh.)

Regis: Two years. Wow.

Jennifer: Yeah, is that in - inappropriate amount of time?

Kelly: No. No.

Regis: No, I think it's a wonderful story. I think it's - and he's right over there, everybody. Hey, Scott, how ya' doin'? Nice to see ya'!

(Regis points off camera. Scott waves to the camera.)

Scott: Hello.

(The audience cheers.)

Kelly: Does he ever worry about you?

Regis: And, um, and incidentally, that's his girlfriend over there right next to him, but don't say anything. Okay.

(The audience laughs.)

Kelly: Does he ever worry about you doing these stunts on a - I mean, sending you off to beat up everyone?

Jennifer: (to Scott) Um, I - I don't know, do you ever worry? (to everyone else) He showed up for a fight, um, and there was this man who was 6'7" - a very large man - and he, the man, got really into it. My - the stunt guy - um, Jeff Chase, he picked me up by my neck. And Scott happened to be there watching and I saw him go - [gasps]. But I don't think he was really gonna, you know -

Kelly: Right.

Jennifer: Take him on!

(Regis chuckles. Scott smiles side-stage.)

Regis: He gave her one of these, "Ooh."

(The audience laughs.)

Regis: Let's take a look at a clip from an upcoming episode.

Jennifer: Yes, please.

Regis: Now, here's Sydney, played by, uh, Jennifer Garner, uh, confronting her dad, played by Victor Garber, Who is also a double-spy. Take a look at this clip.

(An Alias clip is shown from the episode "Reckoning.")

MR. BRISTOW: I would have told you about the realignment, but you were in Badenweiler. (lower voice) I heard about what happened. It's tragic.

SYDNEY: I know about you! That you were hunted by the F.B.I.! And I know that mom died because they went after you.

MR. BRISTOW: Sydney...

SYDNEY: Every time I think I know just how awful you are, I learn something worse.

(The elevator bell rings and the doors open. Sydney gets inside.)

SYDNEY: But this time, I'm going to make sure you pay.

(The elevator doors close.)

(End of Alias clip. The audience cheers.)

Regis: You see why I - I asked...Are you both working on the same team?

Jennifer: Yeah, Well that's one of the most interesting storylines actually is what's going on there and how we have to work with each other but at the same time I don't trust him at all.

Regis: Mmm Hmm.

Kelly: With good reason.

Jennifer: Yes!

Regis: Ok, Well you can see it all every Sunday night at nine o'clock on ABC. Jennifer, thanks so much for coming and good luck to you, okay?