Woman On Our Mind

Jennifer Garner

From GQ
September 2001

Transcribed by Bethany, Webmistress of Alias-Online.com

by A.R.

You might - might - recognize her as...Ashton Kutcher's girlfriend in Dude, Where's My Car? or as Nurse Sandra in Pearl Harbor.
You'll get to know her better as...secret agent Sydney Bristow in ABC's new Sunday-night action drama, Alias.

Now that you're an action hero, do you have a sidekick?
Do you mean can I kick to the side?

No, as in a sidekick character - like Howie on The Fall Guy.
I do have a partner, and he's so not a sidekick. He's much cooler than I am. His name is Carl Lumbly, and he's been in everything. We looked him up on IMDb, and we just cracked up - his resume goes on and on. He was even on Cagney & Lacey.

Growing up, did you watch shows like MacGyver and The A-Team?
Not a one of them.

What about Knight Rider? Were you a David Hasselhoff fan?
No. But I did see him the other night at a movie premiere.

How was his hair?
Big. [laughs]

Do people recognize you from Pearl Harbor?
I never get recognized! I'll be with my husband [actor Scott Foley from Felicity], and people will think I'm his manager, and they'll start giving me their business cards.

But that's all going to change with Alias, right?
That would certainly be the best-case scenario for the show.

Did you have to get all buff for Alias?
Pretty much. I do Pilates, a lot of martial arts, strength training, running - the whole nine yards.

Can you kick Madonna's ass?
No, I'm not that buff. don't even put that in print. I definitely cannot kick Madonna's ass.

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