Jennifer Garner: Interview on ABC's
Good Morning America
Friday, November 16, 2001

Transcribed by Tammy, Webmistress of The Michael Vartan Fantasy Zone

Charlie: Our next guest says, and I'm gonna quote her, you ready for this? "I love to see women kick ass."

Jennifer: Yeah, I said that. Absolutely, yeah, of course.

Charlie: Oooo-k...fighting words from Jennifer Garner, the actress who has been dubbed as this season's IT girl for her starring role in the new ABC series Alias which is a big hit and she's joining us now...It's a pleasure having you here.

Jennifer: Thanks. Thanks for having me.

Charlie: What did you mean when you said that...I love to see women...?

Jennifer: Well, there is this trend in movies and television right now, Charlie's Angels and Buffy and Dark Angel and women are kicking ass and I think everyone keeps saying, you know, why is that? What is so attractive about that?

Charlie: I don't see the men out here applauding...


Jennifer: And I just keep saying the more the merrier. And what's better than for the young women to see us be role models and be vulnerable and be real and be intelligent but have physical abilities.

Charlie: Well you do a lot of literal kicking...Not always of other's posteriors...but of various...

Jennifer: Yes... anywhere I can reach...yeah. (Laughs)

Charlie: You do a lot of that and actually...well first of all I should start to say, you don't (pause) smile for me...cause you don't smile much in the're so serious.

Jennifer: (smiles) Well Sydney Bristow's got a lot goin' on, I mean it's very stressful being an international double agent.


Charlie: I have found it to be my role as a double really... that's when the stress kicks in.

Jennifer: Mmm-Hmm.

Charlie: But they don't let you smile much or laugh...Giggle.

Jennifer: We're working it in more...There are notes starting to come down saying "Jennifer, be yourself. Just be yourself in this scene" so...

Charlie: So, we're gonna see more of that as time goes on then?

Jennifer: Yes. Promise.

Charlie: Now I went around to the staff of GMA and I said, Jennifer's gonna be on...And I said so, what questions are you interested to hear about her? And the first question that somebody mentioned was, Does she do her own stunts?...Ok, now that we've answered that... The second question was...Is she married?...Those were some male staffers on the show who asked that...

Jennifer: I've been married, yeah... For just a little over a year.

Charlie: You have?

Jennifer: Mmm-Hmm, so I'm still a newly-wed...but not brand spankin'.

Charlie: Ohhhh. All those guys on the staff are gonna be so disappointed.

Jennifer: Yeah...

Charlie: Yeah, but they were sorta hoping that maybe you wouldn't uhhh, you know, travel with your husband...Uhh that you wouldn't, you know, sort of, uhh bring him along when you go anywhere.

Jennifer: That he wasn't sort of a bodyguard standing right by me....just to make sure that I didn't talk to anybody...right.

(Audience laughs as husband Scott Foley stands stage-side smiling.)

Charlie: Right, so you don't travel with him?...So he doesn't go anywhere with you right?

Jennifer: Nowhere at all...He's nowhere to be found.

Charlie: No, no, no...Who's this klutz standing right over here?...(laughs) Honestly, you should bring him in over here and introduce him...

Scott: Good Lord...

Jennifer: Come here Scott...

Scott: Ok... Hi.

Jennifer: I don't think he needs an introduction...

Charlie: Scott Foley...

Jennifer: This is Scott Foley.

Charlie: And you guys met...

(Audience Applauds)

Scott: Look at that. I'm the husband.

Charlie: It's the women applauding...

Scott: I know, I know. (shrugs) Now the guys are thinking...(shrugs) she's married.

Jennifer: (Laughs) Yeah right.

Charlie: But you guys met on the set of...

Jennifer: We met...ummm... I was doing a guest spot on Felicity, playing his girlfriend... We broke up in the episode...but not in real life.

Charlie: I see...

Jennifer: Yeah.

Charlie: Did he? How did he sort of come over and say...Gee, I think you're sort of attractive? Was he bold or was he...

Jennifer: Ummm flowers.

Charlie: Flowers?

Jennifer: Yes. He courted me and uhh...pretty much every phone call led to a bouquet of flowers...not really. That's exaggerating isn't it?

Scott: Uhh... It's a little exaggeration...there were quite a few flowers.

Jennifer: But not by much... A lot of flowers. Flowers and then a trip to Paris.

Charlie: Ohhh.

Jennifer: Which uhhh...

Scott: That worked. That went over well.

Charlie: Those flowers escalated.

Jennifer: That cemented the whole deal.

Charlie: That's good...that's really good. Now, you've been married a year...

Jennifer: Uhh-hhh.

Charlie: Umm Are there still flowers?

Scott: Oh God...

Jennifer: Yes, there are...I got 18 roses.

Scott: Uhhh... I had a talking too not too long know, I don't get flowers anymore... We're married now, so I don't get there are now flowers.

Charlie: Ahhhh.

Jennifer: Yeah, there are flowers.

Charlie: And when you were on that set...The producer of that program...

Jennifer: Uhh-Huh...J.J. Abrams.

Charlie: Saw you and had this...Alias in mind sort of?

Jennifer: Uhh-Huh...J.J. Abrams...oh...that was three years ago, so I don't think he had anything on his mind then except..."Oh my gosh, are they hookin' up?"


Jennifer: But yeah, a little over a year ago, I was visiting Scott on the set and his producer, J.J. said "Jennifer come here" And he said, "I'm writing a new show and I want you to audition for it." And I got very serious about it very quickly...because of being so closely related to the show, I knew what a good boss he was and that's so important.

Charlie: It's a very athletic role.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Charlie: You must have had dance training?

Jennifer: I was a ballet dancer growing up. Thank goodness. I don't think I could do it otherwise.

Charlie: I wanna show a clip of this Sunday's episode...

Jennifer: Oh, good.

Charlie: As...well you're a mental patient...Just one of your alias's...let's take a look.

(Shows Clip)

Charlie: It sounds like a good show comin up this Sunday...

Jennifer: It's very good...please watch, yeah.

Charlie: Alias. On Sunday night's at 10 pm...eastern...

Jennifer: 9 pm... Before The Practice.

Charlie: 9pm... Before The Practice...Did I say 10 pm?

Jennifer: Umm I think so...

Charlie: I'm misspeaking everything today... I called Diane, Barbara Walters. I've got the time wrong for you...9 pm eastern time...Alias...Right before The Practice.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Charlie: You are gonna be a huge star... you are already but it's gonna be very very good for you...Scott...Thanks for your time.