2nd Season

#1 The Enemy Walks In
#2 Trust Me
#3 Cipher
#4 Dead Drop
#5 The Indicator
#6 Salvation
#7 The Counteragent
#8 Passage, Part 1
#9 Passage, Part 2
#10 The Abduction
#11 A Higher Echelon
#12 The Getaway
#13 Phase One
#14 Double Agent
#15 A Free Agent
#16 Firebomb
#17 A Dark Turn
#18 Truth Takes Time
#19 Endgame
#20 Countdown
#21 Second Double
#22 The Telling

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#1 The Enemy Walks In: Aired Sunday, September 29, 2002

Sydney's first face-off with her mother leaves Sydney injured and Irina on the run. Meanwhile, Jack goes to extremes to keep Will alive after his SD-6 exposé hits the stands, and a CIA mission to smoke out one of Khasinau's cronies leads to a gruesome finding about Vaughn.

#2 Trust Me: Aired Sunday, October 6, 2002

Sydney must decide whether her mother's goodwill gesture was sincere or an attempt to get her daughter killed. Meanwhile, Sloane's retrieval of a blackmail disk gives SD-6 the upper hand in discovering Sydney's mother's secrets; Will witnesses Francie discussing her restaurant plans with a man whose affiliations are questionable; and Sloane is made a full partner in the malevolent Alliance of Twelve.

#3 Cipher: Aired Sunday, October 13, 2002

Jack takes action to abort Syd's continued work with Irina, who holds the key to cracking Sark's plans for a Russian satellite armed with heavy-duty abilities. Will comes face-to-face with Vaughn, who needs him to revisit his ordeal in Taipei. Sloane gets the creepy suspicion that his late wife may not be so late, after all.

#4 Dead Drop: Aired Sunday, October 20, 2002

For Sloane, it's the ghost of his late wife that has him on edge. Rattled by a rash of eerie events---and the guilt of having poisoned Emily himself---the SD-6 head sends Dixon off to investigate. But Sloane may not want to know what Dixon learns, particularly about a recent visitor to Emily's favorite haunt. Meanwhile, Will's fateful article on SD-6 resurfaces after a recovering junkie (Marisol Nichols) tempts him with her own conspiracy theory. Vaughn finally meets his father's killer when he is forced to work with Irina to save Syd from Sark's ambush in Russia.

#5 The Indicator: Aired Sunday, November 3, 2002

Sydney discovers a terrifying secret when she's sent on a case to track down a new generation of weapons. Meanwhile, Vaughn suspects Jack of setting up Sydney's mother to take a fall, Sloane tells Jack the truth about Emily's death, and Will lends a hand to Francie during the grand opening of her restaurant.

#6 Salvation: Aired Sunday, November 10, 2002

Jack makes the ultimate sacrifice to win back Syd, who's torn between reporting his recent sins and allowing Irina to pay dearly for her past crimes. Vaughn learns an awful truth about the contents of Khasinau's "red ball." Sloane digs up a shocker about his wife's burial site. Will scores a top-secret assignment that could blow the lid off of Project Christmas.

#7 The Counteragent: Aired Sunday, November 17, 2002

The race for an antidote to Vaughn's virus locks Syd into a pact with Sark that could end Sloane's SD-6 days. But as time runs out, two betrayals change all the rules, including an unspoken agreement between the CIA's top double-agent and her doomed handler. Meanwhile, Will's look into the standardized-tests mystery nets him an unsettling sit-down with the quiz's creator.

#8 Passage, Part 1: Aired Sunday, December 1, 2002

With Sark (Derrick O'Connor) now on staff at SD-6, Irina grows increasingly uneasy about her ex-ally's motives. And her instinct is confirmed when Sark provides a band of rebels with the activation codes to six stolen nuclear weapons. Armed with intel on the group's locale, Irina barters for a release from CIA custody to help a reluctant Jack and Sydney pose as a family on holiday in Pakistan, where one false move could blow their cover. Back home, Will has huge news for Vaughn about Project Christmas. Sloane is contacted by an unknown group claiming that Emily is still alive.

#9 Passage, Part 2: Aired Sunday, December 8, 2002

The Bristows' mission to steal six nuclear weapons from a Pakistani rebel group goes down in flames when Irina hands them over to her evil ex-ally (Derek DeLint). As Vaughn races to extract his team from the trap, a fascinating discovery is made that casts new light on the hidden power of Rambaldi's work. Meanwhile, Sloane fills in the Alliance about Emily's kidnapping, which sadly proves futile after he agrees to the abductor's terms.

#10 The Abduction: Aired Sunday, December 15, 2002

Jack meets Alliance counterintelligence head Ariana Kane, who is sent in to investigate the events surrounding the disappearance of Emily and to discover who is trying to blackmail Sloane. Meanwhile, an extremely nervous Marshall is sent on his first mission, with Sydney as his partner; Vaughn schedules Will to take a CIA psych test; and Francie gets suspicious over Sydney and Will's secretive behavior.

#11 A Higher Echelon: Aired Sunday, January 5, 2003

After completing his first mission with Sydney, Marshall's life is placed in mortal danger. Alliance counterintelligence head Ariana Kane suspects Jack as being the prime suspect in the disappearance of Sloane's wife, Emily. Vaughn learns the truth about Jack's involvement in the murder of CIA agent Haladki. Sydney confides in Francie about her feelings for a fellow co-worker. Vaughn gives Will the results of his CIA psych test. Irina proves her loyalty to the CIA by providing the exact info SD-6 is looking for.

#12 The Getaway: Aired Sunday, January 12, 2003

While Alliance counterintelligence head Ariana Kane tracks Sydney in order to catch her fugitive father, Jack elicits Irina's help in finding Sloane's blackmailer. Meanwhile, Sydney and Vaughn risk exposing their covers to SD-6 when they share a romantic dinner together while on a case in France.

#13 Phase One: Aired Sunday, January 26, 2003

Sydney and Jack are confronted by the new director of SD-6, Geiger (Rutger Hauer), who replaces a missing Sloane, whose whereabouts – and intentions – are unknown. Geiger doesn't have the love that Sloane has for Sydney or Jack, and he's outright suspicious of them from the minute he arrives. However, Geiger may have bigger fish to fry after Vaughn (Michael Vartan) receives priceless intel on members of the Alliance from a very mysterious source. Meanwhile, romantic sparks begin to fly between Francie and Will.

#14 Double Agent: Aired Sunday, February 2, 2003

CIA agent Jim Lennox falls under suspicion after his partner meets a grim end while searching for a gene-splicing machine that allows users to alter their appearance. So it's up to Sydney to sort out whether Lennox is the real deal or a double agent with his face. Meanwhile, Francie's life takes a startling romantic turn with the last person she would have ever imagined.

#15 A Free Agent: Aired Sunday, February 9, 2003

Sydney must make a life-defining decision regarding her future with the agency, while Sloane re-emerges and continues his obsessive quest to piece together the mysterious Rambaldi artifacts with the reluctant aid of a kidnapped scientist (Christian Slater). Meanwhile, Dixon's marriage is put to the test after he tells his wife the truth about his occupation, and Sydney's graduate school graduation is bittersweet.

#16 Firebomb: Aired Sunday, February 23, 2003

A betrayed Dixon holds---and refuses to give up---the key to saving Syd from a trap set by Sloane, who finally puts the completed Rambaldi device to horrifying use. Meanwhile, Vaughn uncovers a new enemy close to home and even closer to Syd than he imagined.

#17 A Dark Turn: Aired Sunday, March 2, 2003

CIA rumors and the mysterious presence of a KGB agent have Sydney suspecting Vaughn's loyalties, while Jack's are tested by the strange and risky union he's forged with Irina to smoke out Sloane.

#18 Truth Takes Time: Aired Sunday, March 16, 2003

The most shocking ally offers to help Syd bring down Sloane before he, Sark and the escaped Irina can steal a German company's genetic-coding technology. Meanwhile, Vaughn faces the music for his unsanctioned research into Derevko's true agenda and receives the oddest gift from his girlfriend's gal pal.

Rating: 5.7/9

#19 Endgame: Aired Sunday, March 30, 2003

For weeks, Syd and the CIA have been searching for the an abducted scientist (Christian Slater) with no luck. Their big break comes when his wife (Tracy Middendorf) reveals a shocker that strikes a nerve in Jack and sends Syd to Russia against her father's orders. Back in the States, a grieving Sloane deploys the newly evil Francie (or whoever she is) to uncover---and assassinate---the person responsible for Emily's death. However, the hit hits a snag that changes one agent's life forever. Diane: Yvonne Farrow.

Rating: 5.8/9

#20 Countdown: Aired Sunday, April 27, 2003

With just 48 hours to prevent the catastrophe, Sydney and Dixon mount a frenzied search for Sloane, who holds the key. But with revenge-crazed Dixon blinded by his wife's murder, Vaughn is pressed into a betrayal to keep the hunt on target. Later, an enigmatic monk (David Carradine) horrifies Sloane with the news that Emily's death---and the impending end of the world---may have been triggered by a sin he committed 30 years ago. On a much lighter note, a new Special Ops agent (Amanda Foreman) sets her sights on Marshall.

Rating: 5.0/8

#21 Second Double: Aired Sunday, May 4, 2003

Season finale, part 1

Two back-to-back episodes concludes the sophomore season for Sydney and the gang. Will is suspected of being a double and is arrested for espionage; Sydney confronts her mother, and Irina reveals her true motivation; and Sloane gets the ball rolling on his grand plan. Oh, and Marshall finds love with Megan from Felicity.

Rating: 6.0/9

#22 The Telling: Aired Sunday, May 4, 2003

Season finale, part 2

Framed by Francie's evil double, Will (Bradley Cooper) becomes a hunted man after the CIA targets him as a traitor. Syd is the only one who can prove otherwise, but Will's situation goes from bad to worse when Vaughn uncovers evidence that makes Miss Bristow doubt her fugitive friend's innocence. Meanwhile, Jack comes face-to-face with a "new" Sloane, who makes his old ally an unsettling offer; and Irina (Lena Olin) lures her daughter into a secret meeting that could lead to a major revelation...or an execution. Carrie: Amanda Foreman.

Jeff Habberstad, Stunt Coordinator, won an Emmy for this episode for Outstanding Stunt Coordination.

Rating: 6.0/9

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