Synopsis of Color Blind

Written by TK

Sydney is captured by a K-Directorate agent at the insane asylum who tortures her for the same info she was trying to get from Martin Shepard: where Gareth Perkashov is buried. Sydney convinces the K-Directorate agent to let her live, because she'll have more luck getting the info out of Shepard than he, posing as a psychiatrist, will.

Sloane and Jack wonder why Sydney and Fisher haven't checked in.

Vaughn gets a meeting with Jack and tells him that the CIA has found out that K-Directorate has an agent at the asylum. Vaughn wants to get Sydney out, but Jack says Sydney wouldn't want to be exposed that way. Jack yells at Vaughn for pulling his file a couple of weeks ago. Vaughn wonders why Jack was checking up on him checking up on Jack.

Sydney goes to Shepard and tells him that they both need to escape, but Shepard says he'd rather die. Sydney notices Shepard is having trouble drawing in color, and tells him that she knows he sees in black and white. Shepard wonders how she knows so much about him, and insists that she's not telling him something because he knows that he recognizes here from somewhere. She tells him how he was programmed to be a killer, and was trained to see in black and white so that he would be more detached from his victims. He freaks out and runs away to his room.

Will finds out that Eloise Kurtz, the woman he knew as Kate Jones, was found dead in a park. He tries to get his editor to let him to a conspiracy story on the whole thing, but she says that he doesn't have enough proof of anything.

Shepard, while lying in his bed, remembers seeing a picture of Sydney in front of a banner that says, "Happy Birthday, Sydney."

Sydney attempts to escape the insane asylum and is almost recaptured, but Shepard helps her at the last minute and they escape together.

Sloane surprises Marshall in his office and tells him that the virus he found in the computer system was just a test placed there by security. He compliments Marshall, telling him that he was the only one who found it, and he found it a lot faster than security expected. Marshall still worries that the virus was transmitting data over an insecure line, but Sloane assures him security had it all under control.

Sydney goes to a cabin in the woods with Shepard and finds the cell phone hidden there for her. She dial a number and is surprised when she gets her dad and not Vaughn. Her dad tells her to go to the airport and how to find the charter flight waiting for her there. She gets off the phone and goes to Shepard who is sitting by the fireplace a little dazed. Shepard still wonders what's going on with him, and talks about how he has been remembering some of his past acts in black and white, and couldn't believe that he was a killer. He calls Sydney by name and she asks how he knew her name. He says he saw it in the Happy Birthday banner, and tells her where he saw the picture of her: in Danny's apartment, when he was there to kill him. Sydney realizes she's talking to her fiance's murderer and runs outside sobbing.

Sydney returns to the cabin and tells Shepard that Danny was her fiance, and that she told him she was a spy and SD-6 killed him. She explains that it must have been SD-6 that trained Shepard, and the neuro tech that would have done it was named McCullough. The name rings a bell for Shepard. Sydney tells Shepard that she's now a double agent for the CIA. Shepard asks if the information of where Perkashov's body is will help her take down the people that did this to them. She says it will. He tells her that Perkashov's body is in marshland on the Louisiana/Texas border off I-10.

Back at SD-6, Sydney tells Sloane that Shepard gave her the info on Perkashov and she helped him to escape from the asylum in exchange. Sloane asks where Shepard is now, and Sydney says he commit suicide because he was starting to remember all the horrible stuff he did.

Sydney tells Vaughn that Shepard isn't actually dead, but that SD-6 has the correct info on Perkashov's body. Vaughn tells Sydney he was worried about her and talked to her dad. He tells her that her dad was pissed that he pulled his file, and suspects that she's seen it. Sydney says that's okay. Vaughn's beeper goes off and he says that it turns out the SD-6 computer virus they planted is turning out to be a gold mine. He wishes Sydney a happy Thanksgiving and she suddenly realizes she forgot all about the holiday.

Sydney comes home and Francie is burning a turkey and yells at Sydney for not calling her back sooner. Sydney apologizes and says her trip was extended. Charlie comes over. Will comes over with Jenny as his date and she apologizes for not bringing wine, but says she got carded and so brought sparkling cider instead. Jenny immediately notices the chemistry between Sydney and Will and feels a bit uncomfortable. Sydney teases Will about his date. The whole gang has a pleasant Thanksgiving dinner. Charlie surprises everyone by asking Francie to marry him. Francie says yes. In the romantic moment, Jenny gives Will a big kiss on the mouth and everyone celebrates.

Sydney is surprised when there's a knock at the door and her father is there. Sydney starts to awkwardly invite her father inside when he abruptly tells her that Shepard killed Danny. He says he doesn't want her to think he hides everything from her. He also hands her an FBI report that proves he was not KGB, and admits that her mother's accident was sort of his fault since the FBI was after him. Sydney doesn't take the report, and invites her dad to stay. He says he has to go back to work. They wish each other a happy Thanksgiving and he leaves.

Sloane tells Sydney that they decoded the FTL message with Perkashov's DNA and found out that FTL was digging up a Rambaldi artifact in Tunisia. They found out that FTL then sent the artifact to Oxford for study. Sydney is going to an Oxford University reception for visiting professors disguised as a foundation representative looking for grant candidates so that she can steal the artifact.

Will talks to his editor about his non-story and she's jazzed up about it. She says if he does more work on it they can publish it Tuesday. He says he's having second thoughts, 'cause he doesn't want to hurt Sydney. His editor says that if he doesn't do it she'll give it to someone else.

Vaughn and Sydney meet about her trip to Oxford. He says that the CIA will give her a camera so that she can give them pictures of the Rambaldi artifact. He also warns her that the CIA spotted Anna Espinosa leaving the insane asylum after Sydney got out, so she's on to her. They have a little personal chit-chat about Thanksgiving and Francie getting engaged. Sydney asks after Vaughn's girlfriend, Alice, and he says they broke up.

Sydney gets a postcard. On it is the same picture she saw Shepard drawing in the asylum, but now it's in color. Scrawled on the back is "I owe you."

Sloane talks to a superior on the phone about how security section thinks there may be a mole in his department... possibly more than one. Sloane says McCullough will find them.

Sydney brings some Thanksgiving leftovers to her dad at work.

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