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Sydney, in a curly wig, big sun glasses, and a blue jogging suit, is driving an old car, being chased by cops. They corner her on the docks. Cops get out of their cars and pull their guns. Sydney, in her stopped car, removes her sun glasses and watches a sea bird fly overheard. Suddenly, she guns the engine of the car and drives off the end of the pier. The car plunges into the water.

Sydney is in a room, handcuffed to a chair. A man walks in and gives her a vanilla milk shake. She asks him to remind them that she cooperated, didn't resist. She says she doesn't need these restraints. He walks out. She drinks her milk shake.

At the CIA, Vaughn asks Haladki for any info he has. Haladki says he doesn't have any info. Vaughn says he and Haladki have to get better at working together. Haladki agrees, but says he still has no info for Vaughn. Haladki leaves. Weiss tells Vaughn how a friend of his always used to see Haladki having lunch at the Webster Rotunda and he has the table manners of a six-month-old. Vaughn and Weiss talk about whether or not they believe in the prophecy. They both don't believe it, and yet have trouble entirely discounting it since Rambaldi got so many details correct.

An FBI tribunal led by Agent Kendall comes in to question Sydney. They start by asking her how she got involved with SD-6. She tells them about how she was recruited in college, spent 6 months working as an office assistant at Credit Dauphine while they evaluated her, spent 8 months training, and then finally first saw SD-6 HQ in sub-level 6 of the bank building. She tells them how she was fully convinced SD-6 was a black ops department of the CIA, and she felt patriotic working for the good of her country. Then she met Arvin Sloane.

Sydney asks Kendall what will happen if she needs to use the bathroom. Kendall says they can probably arrange that.

Vaughn and Jack meet to compare notes on their efforts to find Sydney. So far neither have turned up any leads. They worry that this will blow Sydney's cover with SD-6. According to the statute they're using to hold her, she could be held without trial or charges for the rest of life.

Sydney goes on to explain that originally she did mostly desk work, but within a year she was doing missions. Kendall questions that she still thought she was working for the CIA. Sydney assures Kendall that except for about six high-level employees, everyone there thinks they work for the CIA. Kendall asks about Danny Hecht. Sydney says they dated for 2 years, he proposed, and she felt it her duty to tell him she was a spy. SD-6 killed him. Kendall doesn't believe that even after this, Sydney didn't realize she wasn't working for the CIA. Sydney realizes that Kendall thinks she knew all along that SD-6 wasn't CIA. Sydney assures Kendall that she really still didn't know. She explains how she left SD-6, but they saw that as a betrayal and came after her. She was saved by her father, who explained that he also worked for SD-6, but that SD-6 was not CIA. Sydney swears that was the first time she ever knew.

Vaughn suddenly remembers something and finds Weiss. He asks Weiss if he's sure it's the Webster Rotunda where his friend used to see Haladki eat lunch. Weiss says he's sure. Vaughn says that you have to be high-level FBI to eat in the Webster Rotunda.

Vaughn confronts Haladki in the bathroom and says that Haladki used to be FBI and so Haladki should know their procedures and must have more info on what's being done to Sydney. Haladki counters with the information that all 47 of Rambaldi's previous prophecies came true, so perhaps Rambaldi is also right about Sydney and she really does pose a threat to national security.

Sydney tells Kendall about the history of SD-6 (SD stands for Section Desparu) and the Alliance of 12. Kendall asks why her dad would bring her into something he was trying to betray. Sydney says Sloane brought her in, and her dad didn't know about it until she was active. She doesn't know why Sloane brought her in. Kendall questions whether her father is really loyal to the CIA. Sydney is furious at the accusation. Kendall decides to take a break. Sydney insists he finish now because she wants to go home. He ignores her screaming and leaves her there, shackled to the chair.

Vaughn reads the whole prophecy, and finds something he missed. He meets with Jack and they agree that what Vaughn found means that if Sydney were to lay eyes on Mt. Sebacio in Italy, that means she couldn't possibly be the woman in the prophecy. They need to get her to Italy. Jack says they should just extract her, since the FBI isn't being cooperative. They just need to find her. Vaughn mentions Haladki. Jack says he'll get Haladki to talk.

Kendall asks about Sydney's mother, and she says how she used to think her mother was a literature professor at UCLA, but a few months ago found out that she was actually KGB. Her mother died in a car accident while being pursued by the FBI. Her dad then hired a nanny to raise her. Kendall asks how being a double-agent works, and Sydney explains how she gets a mission from SD-6, usually Sloane, useful gadgets from Marshall, the tech guy, and then gives the info to the CIA who comes up with a counter mission. So, if she retrieves something for SD-6, often the CIA will get a copy. She mentions that her partner, Dixon, doesn't know she's a double-agent, and that this can occasionally cause problems, like when she disarmed a bomb that Dixon had set, but Dixon had a backup device she didn't know about and blew up a bunch of CIA agents. At this memory, Sydney needs to take a break.

Jack accosts Haladki at his car and demands to know where Sydney is, where she'll be spending the night, and when the transfer will take place. Haladki sings like a songbird, and promises a threatening Jack that he won't tell anyone about this conversation.

Kendall asks who knows she's a double-agent. She says just the CIA and her dad. She hates lying to all her friends, but she does it. SD-6's priority right now is Rambaldi. Rambaldi was Pope Alexander the VI's chief architect, as well as being an artist and an inventor. His creations were so technologically advanced that he was thought to be a heretic and was executed. Now, 500 years later, many people think he was a prophet. All the competing intelligence agencies are on a Rambaldi scavenger hunt, each worried the other will figure out Rambaldi's master plan first. Kendall asks if Sydney thinks Rambaldi was prophet. Sydney asks Kendall the same thing. Sydney realizes Kendall is not going to let her go. Kendall calls it a night.

Agents begin to transfer Sydney to where she'll be spending the night. Jack, Vaughn and Weiss kidnap her in a silver van and tell her that they've figured out how to prove she's not the subject of the prophecy.

The van pulls into a garage of sorts. Vaughn and Jack explain their plan. Sydney worries that she's now a fugitive, that her escaping will prove to the feds that she's not to be trusted. Jack says this is the only way to assure her liberty in the future, and they are preserving a valuable resource for the CIA, so the CIA will help them. Sydney worries that perhaps Rambaldi was right about her. Jack says if that's the case, then they have nothing to lose. Vaughn puts Sydney in the trunk of his car with a communications device and drives off.

Haladki calls someone named Alan and tells him about telling Jack when the transfer would take place. Haladki finds out Sydney's been snatched.

In Vaughn's trunk, Sydney changes into a disguise. She is amazed that Vaughn never once thought Rambaldi was right about her. Vaughn says he has faith in her.

Haladki tells Alan, on the phone, that four CIA vehicles were checked out today, and gives him their plate numbers.

Vaughn stops the car and Sydney gets out of the trunk, now wearing a curly wig, large sun glasses and a blue jogging suit. Vaughn gives her an old nondescript car to get to the airport in.

Sydney drives away in the car. Soon after, cops start chasing her. Francie and Will watch the amazing car chase on TV. Sydney, cornered on a dock, drives off the end of the dock and uses air from the tires of the car to remain underwater until the police give up looking for her.

Sydney calls her dad who comes and meets her. He says she has to get to Italy. She says she knows, but she had to tell him something first. She realizes that her mother, in her "fatal" car crash, probably did the same thing Sydney just did. Sydney says that she has all the markers the Rambaldi wrote about because she inherited them from her mother. Sydney is sure that her mother is alive, and the prophecy applies to her. Sydney knows it can't be herself. Her mother must be alive.

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