Synopsis of The Confession

Written by TK

Jack hesitates, the gun in his hand, pointed at his daughter. He finally tells Hassan that it wouldn't prove anything if he shot her. Hassan says it would prove something to him. Hassan says he'll kill both of them if Jack doesn't shoot Sydney. Jack shoots at Hassan's men instead, and he and Sydney burst into action. It turns out that Jack was stalling to send Sydney a message in Morse code by blinking at her. They hold Hassan at gunpoint and tell him to send his guards to the back 'cause they're going out the front. Jack and Sydney run out the front with Hassan as a hostage and drive away in a black Mercedes.

Hassan asks if they're going to kill him. Jack says the deal stays the same: Hassan gives up his client list and he'll make sure that SD-6 thinks Hassan is dead. Hassan says he doesn't care who they work for as long as they let him go.

At a CIA safe house in Havana, Jack takes pictures of Hassan looking dead. Hassan gives Jack his client list. Hassan asks how Jack is going to get him safely out of Cuba and Jack knocks him out by smashing him in the face with an elbow. Jack talks about how disgusted he was two years ago when he heard that Sydney was being sent to a meeting with Hassan for the first time. He says it turned his stomach to know that she was involved in that. Sydney, while mending the gunshot wound in her dad's arm, asks him why he didn't stop her when she first joined SD-6. He says he didn't want to reveal to her what he was doing.

Sydney and Jack meet a helicopter in the desert and Sydney and Hassan get aboard while Jack stays behind.

Sydney reports to Vaughn that Jack reported back to SD-6 that his mission was a success. She thanks Vaughn for helping her help her dad. She now realizes how when someone you care about is in trouble, nothing else matters. She now understands how her dad could sacrifice Rusik to save her. She says how it was great to see her dad in action, that he was an impressive agent. Vaughn reluctantly tells Sydney that he deciphered the code from the books that her father bought for her mother. It turns out they were a list of CIA officers that were killed 25 years ago. The CIA has been trying to figure out who killed them since then. Now they know. Vaughn tells Sydney that he's going to report her father as a KGB agent.

Sloane meets with a bruised looking Jack in his office. Sloane says he was worried about Jack. Jack says he's dealt with worse. Sloane thanks Jack for taking care of Hassan. Jack says it's his job.

In the conference room, Sloane is briefing the team. He shows everyone the picture of Hassan dead, but says that they don't know who killed him. He says that a Greek guy named Minos Sakkoulas seems to be trying to take over Hassan's contacts. Sakkoulas has claimed to have a "package" of Hassan's and is taking bids on it. SD-6 wants to know what this "package" is, since Hassan was an arms dealer with access to nuclear weapons. Syd is going to Club Panthera, Sakkoulas's cover club in Greece, to find out what the "package" is. Marshall, after talking about a cool documentary on monkeys he saw last night on TV, shows Syd and Dixon how to use a pair of red glasses that will scan Sakkoulas's retinas from up to thirty feet away so that they can make a set of contact lenses that will fool the retinal scanner on Sakkoulas's office door. Syd will need to make eye contact with Sakkoulas for ten seconds to make it work.

At the C.I.A. safe house in Los Angeles, Hassan is alive and well. Vaughn meets with him. Hassan says this safe house thing wasn't the deal. Vaughn asks about the "package." Hassan doesn't answer. Vaughn threatens him, so Hassan says that if Vaughn can get his wife and son safely into the U.S., he'll tell him everything he wants to know. Vaughn says he's not negotiating. Hassan says then he's not getting any info out of him.

At work, Jack pulls Syd aside and makes sure that their conversation can't be overheard. He awkwardly thanks her for saving his butt in Cuba. She says it's okay. He stutters that he should be a better father, say things and ask things.... She tells him it's all right.

Vaughn and Syd meet to discuss her counter-mission. Vaughn says that Hassan's not talking, so they need the specs on the "package" from Syd. He gives her some devices to records the info for the CIA, and gives her fake info to give to SD-6. He reminds her that she has to do it herself without Dixon around. He again says they have to report her father, and he needs her testimony to do it. Syd protests that they don't know exactly what her father did. The murders are so old anyway.... Vaughn reminds her that there's no statute of limitations on murder. Syd reminds Vaughn that they need her father to take down SD-6. Vaughn pulls out dossiers on the people that he says her father killed. Vaughn says she's being selfish and doesn't want to sacrifice her new relationship with her dad, but the right thing to do is turn him in. Syd says she knows it looks bad, but she can't do it. She just needs a little time. She begs Vaughn not do anything without her, and then she leaves. Vaughn pulls out a tape-recorder and plays back part of the conversation he just had with Syd.

In Athens, Greece, Syd walks into the very chic club in a red dress with the red glasses on. Syd tells Dixon over the comm that she needs another set of eyes. Dixon breaks into the security room and takes out the security guard. He looks at all the monitors and finds Sakkoulas. He directs Syd to Sakkoulas. Dixon starts setting up his end of the retinal scanner device. Syd flirts her way into the room where Sakkoulas is. She finds Sakkoulas in a quiet side room in a booth surrounded by hot women. He notices her entrance and looks at her. She looks back. Dixon says the lights in the club seem to be interfering and he's not getting a lock on Sakkoulas's retinas, so Syd will have to get closer. Syd asks how much closer, and Dixon says about two inches away from Sakkoulas. Sakkoulas comes up to Syd. They start flirting and Syd pretends she wants to audition to be a dancer. Dixon gets a lock. A guy comes up to tell Sakkoulas that he has someone here to meet with him, and Dixon loses the lock. Sakkoulas tells Syd to follow him, and brings her to another more secluded side room. Syd flirts a little more and Dixon finally gets what he needs. Sakkoulas leaves Syd there, basically locked in with a big heavy-set guard. Dixon tells Syd to meet him by the bathrooms, and Syd tries to talk her way out of the room with the guard. Finally she just takes the guard out and steals his keys. Dixon is putting on the contacts and says he's going to Sakkoulas's office. As Syd is trying keys in the lock she tells Dixon that she wants to do it herself. Dixon tells Syd to just get herself out of the room and he'll meet her outside when he's done. Dixon gets into Sakkoulas's office and goes to the computer. Syd finally finds the right key and escapes from the room. Dixon starts downloading. Syd walks through the club, but the guard finds her and grabs her. Sakkoulas comes up and asks her if she wants to be a dancer or a bouncer. Sakkoulas says he's not sure if she's his taste, and licks her face. Dixon comes out and yells out for Syd. Syd and Dixon bust some heads and get out.

Vaughn goes back to the safe house and threatens Hassan again. He tells Hassan he can either go to a nice cushy jail, or a maximum-security prison with a cell mate that will eat him alive. Hassan resigns himself to the fact that Vaughn won't get his family out of Argentina, and tells Vaughn that he has a stockpile of weapons not in Egypt, where his enemies would look, but in a silo in Greece on the Isle of Crete.

Syd and Vaughn meet. Syd tells him how Sakkoulas licked her face, and managed to prevent her from getting the info for the CIA by locking her in a room. She says she wants to go to Crete. Vaughn says it's too dangerous for the CIA to send Syd somewhere that SD-6 isn't sending her, particularly after the whole Cuba thing. Syd suggests that use her father. Jack could give the intel to SD-6, and then it would be an SD-6 mission. Vaughn plays her the tape he made of their last conversation, and admits he was going to use it to turn her father in, but then he couldn't go through with it. He says that he understands that this is personal for her, but it's personal for him too, 'cause his father was one of the CIA agents that was killed. He says he has an appointment with Devlin on Monday to report her father and asks Syd to come with him.

Syd goes to Will's house more or less in tears. He invites her inside and asks what's wrong. She can't answer him. She finally just says she wants to stay at his place for a little while and curls up crying in his arms on the couch.

Syd goes into her office. Syd passes her dad a note with the weapons stockpile info. Jack passes the info to Sloane as if it were his own intel from contacts in the Middle East.

Sloane briefs Syd on how she's going to Crete to get an EM refractor used to cloak missiles. He says the intel came from her father. Syd tells her father, "Good work."

In Crete, Syd watches Sakkoulas leave what looks to be an old abandoned silo. Syd is communicating with Vaughn who has Hassan in the control room with him. Vaughn says there won't be any guards because the place was designed to look abandoned. He tells her the package is underground. Agent Weiss does an infrared scan on the area to make sure it's clear. Syd goes through the big basement doors and underground. She follows Vaughn's directions and hits a dead end. Hassan says she needs to turn a valve on the wall. A panel will open with a keypad. Hassan gives up the code. The wall opens. Syd walks into a large store room lit with bare bulbs. Hassan tells Syd through Vaughn where to look. She finds the black shipping cases. She opens them up and finds the refractor. The big door closes behind her and the room goes into lockdown. She screams to Vaughn over the comm. Hassan tells Vaughn that he gave her the wrong code, and she has activated an anti-intruder device. Sakkoulas, who is driving away, gets a beep on his pager. Hassan explains to Vaughn how the room will fill with gasoline, and then a minute later a flame will ignite. Syd watches as the gas valves open and tells Vaughn she needs info. Vaughn pulls a gun on Hassan. Hassan says he wants a written agreement that his family can come into the U.S. witness protection program. Vaughn tells Agent Weiss to start typing and runs out of the room. Gas starts to pour down on Sydney. Vaughn runs. Syd chokes. Agent Weiss types. Vaughn reaches Devlin's office and tells him he needs his signature in forty seconds or Sydney will die.

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Syd coughs and tries to protect her face from the falling gas. Devlin signs the agreement. Hassan gives Vaughn the code to save Syd. Syd uses the code and the gas stops falling. She thanks Vaughn. The big door opens and Sakkoulas appears with a gun. Syd tells him not to shoot because the room is full of gasoline. He goes after her with a knife instead. They fight, and Syd redirects his knife into the wall panel. Syd pushes Sakkoulas to the ground and runs. The wall panel sparks and the room goes up in flames. Syd makes it out just as the earth explodes behind her.

Back in L.A., Syd pretends to window shop and Vaughn meets her. He picks up the device that she left on the bench on the street. He tells her she's amazing. He asks her if she's ready to meet with Devlin. He gives her the specifics on how she'll get to the meeting. She walks away.

Vaughn and Syd are at the CIA waiting to meet with Devlin. A huge number of people file into the room, and both Syd and Vaughn are confused. One of the people who walks in is Jack. Syd and Vaughn are horrified, but try to hide it. Jack addresses everyone and says that he knows his file was pulled and that Vaughn was investigating his past. He says he wanted to do this in front of everyone else, because everyone else already knows the truth, and he was worried that Vaughn and Sydney wouldn't believe him otherwise. He says that everything they discovered is true, except who the agent was that executed the orders to murder CIA agents from the KGB. He wasn't that agent. Sydney's mother was.

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