Synopsis of Spirit

Written by TK

Sydney wakes up in a dank cell on a bare mattress on a bed. She tries to get up and walk around, but realizes her ankle is tethered and she can't get far from the bed.

Sloane tells Russek how they think Sydney's the mole and asks if Russek noticed anything on his recent mission with Sydney. Russek says he didn't notice anything. Sloane tells Russek to convince Sydney that SD-6 thinks they were in on the whole thing together, and if she doesn't tell SD-6 everything she's done against them, they'll torture Russek to death.

A badly beaten Russek is thrown into Sydney's cell and chained to another bed. Russek gives his fake story to Sydney, telling her how her transmission from the bank in Geneva was traced, and trying to convince her to tell SD-6 what she knows to save his life.

Jack walks by Sydney's desk and notices that it's empty. The guy at the next desk tells Jack that security section cleared it off.

Two guards come to Sydney's cell and ask her if she's ready to talk to Sloane. Sydney glances at a bleeding Russek and then tells the guards she has nothing to say.

Jack goes to Steven (who is Steven?) and tries to find out what's going on. Steven tells Jack he should talk to Sloane, but then tells Jack about the transmission that was traced from Sydney in Geneva. Steven gives Jack the file on Sydney.

Sydney has been taken to another room, still dank, but more clinical, and is belted into a chair. A man comes in, puts on rubber gloves, starts a tape-recorder recording, and sits down next to metal tray of threatening-looking tools.

Jack rushes to the conference room with the information he's been given by Steven.

The rubber gloved man experiment in the air with a tazer. Sydney introduces herself to her torturer and mentions that she's seen him around the office and always wondered what he did. Now she knows. The man pulls out a large syringe.

One of Marshall's computers starts beeping. He looks at the screen.

Marshall goes to Sloane and gives him a folder to look at. As Sloane reads the contents, Marshall looks ashamed.

Sydney tries to chat up her torturer. As he is about to shoot her full of the contents of the syringe, a guard walks in and says there's been a change in plans.

Sloane talks to Sydney and tells her how she's been under suspicion. He talks about the transmission from Geneva, and tells her that he recently learned that it wasn't hers... it was Russek's.

Russek is belted into the chair that Sydney recently vacated, and the rubber-gloved man shoots him up with the syringe. Russek yells and demands to talk to Sloane.

Sloane tells Sydney he never believed she was guilty and is glad that it turned out to be Russek and not her. He takes her hands. She's uncomfortable.

Sydney and Vaughn meets discreetly at a flower shop. Sydney tells Vaughn how it turns out Russek was transmitting to K-Directorate at the exact same time she was transmitting to the CIA, and SD-6 actually picked up Russek's transmission, not hers. Vaughn says the CIA has no information on Russek having outside contacts. Sydney tells Vaughn how she could tell that when Russek was thrown into her cell fearing for his life, he was lying, which is why she didn't spill her guts to save his life. Sydney and Vaughn agree there are only three possible scenarios here. One, Sloane still thinks Sydney is the mole but is playing her (Vaughn says it's unlikely Sloane would set her free if he still thought she was the mole), two, Russek actually is working with K-Directorate, or three, Russek was a sacrificial lamb to save Sydney. Since the CIA didn't setup Russek, they assume it's two, and that Russek actually was working with K-Directorate. Sydney apologizes for calling on the weekend. Vaughn says don't worry about it. Vaughn gives her a present... something he saw in an antique store that reminded him of her. They wish each other Merry Christmas and split up.

Sydney, Francie, Will, and Will's sister Amy are sitting around playing Boggle. Sydney's beeper goes off and she says she has to go to work. Will can't believe how hard she works. Will tells her she should quit. She says she can't. Will tells her it's ridiculous. She rather vehemently defends what she does and leaves for the office.

SD-6 is still trying to find Aninni Hassan. They think they've found the man who is making Hassan new identity papers, a Brit named Severin Driscoll who is hiding on a private island called Semba Island near Kenya. They're sending Sydney in as Victoria King, daughter of industrialist Martin King, so that she can find out what Hassan's new identity is.

Jack pulls Sydney aside and asks her if she's all right. She says she's fine. Jack says that Russek being a mole is a shock. Sydney asks her father if he setup Russek and he denies it.

Vaughn and Sydney secretly meet and Vaughn tells Sydney that Russek was killed. Sydney promises that if she finds out Hassan's new identity, she'll tell only the CIA and not SD-6.

Will takes his recording to his technician friend who enhances the sound quality. The technician says it was a 9 millimeter, and the woman was shot twice in chest and once in the head. Will is incredibly confused about the whole situation. The technician isolates a male voice from the recording asking, "Did you tell him about SD-6?" Will wonders what SD-6 is.

Sydney drives up to Will's house. She knocks, and as soon as he answers the door she apologizes to him for being snippy about her job. Will says there's no need to apologize. She agrees she's been working too hard, and suggests that their groups of friends go up to Lake Arrowhead for a few days next week to get away. Will agrees. Sydney hears a noise from behind Will and realizes he's not alone. Jenny comes up from behind Will, wearing his shirt, and says hi. Will invites Sydney to come inside, but she says she has to go. She gives Will a "you, devil" look and walks away.

Sydney is in Kenya. In a tight white collared dress, long blonde wig, big hat and even bigger sun glasses, she walks through the lobby of an overly chic hotel. She checks in as Victoria King.

Flashback to Marshall who is talking about how where Sydney is going is super-swank, so he made her the huge sun glasses. They take pictures silently and have telephoto lenses, and they're super-swank.

Sydney wanders out by the pool, checks everyone out, and takes some subtle pictures of the man she identifies as Driscoll. She steps back into the lobby and bumps into another hotel guest. The woman at the desk tells her that her suite is ready.

Sydney, now in a tiny black bikini, is lying out by the pool. She takes the lounge chair next to Driscoll and starts up a flirty conversation. Driscoll invites her to stop by his resident suite, 350, any time.

Will meets a man named Mr. Stoller in a car garage. Will says he's researching something called SD-6, and so far the only reference he's found to it was in a deposition for a case that Mr. Stoller tried, The People vs. David McNeil. Stoller says David McNeil is a friend of his. Will asks if Stoller remembers anything about SD-6 being mentioned in that case. Stoller doesn't. Will asks if maybe David McNeil was a part of SD-6. Stoller tells him about the case, how David was a computer programmer, started his own company, and got a lot of offers to buy it. One company in particularly wouldn't take no for answer. When David refused to sell, the government started an investigation. David was charged with larceny and sentenced to 16 years. Will asks why David plea-bargained. Stoller says that David's wife killed herself. David's daughter now lives with Stoller. David wanted to make sure she was safe. Will realizes that David's wife was actually murdered.

Sydney, in the same black bikini but now with a matching black sarong around her hips, is walking down a hotel hallway. She pulls a cell phone from her purse.

Flashback to Marshall showing her the cell phone that has a removable card key that will open any room on Semba Island.

Sydney breaks into Suite 350. She starts searching the place, looking for ID pictures. She finds a lot. Sydney starts searching on the computer. She is interrupted by a large man coming through the door and pulling a gun on her, asking her who she is. She says she was supposed to meet Driscoll here 20 minutes ago. The guy with the gun isn't buying it. She keeps talking until she can get close enough to attack him. She beats the crap out of him, finally punching his large frame through a wall. She walks through the hole in the wall to find a surgical medical setup with a computer monitor on the side. She looks at the monitor and realizes she's looking at Hassan's old and new faces. She realizes Hassan's new face is that of the man she bumped into in the hotel lobby when she checked in.

Sloane briefs Jack. Hassan's has a new face and a new name, Nebseni Sahd, and he's somewhere in Havana, Cuba. Hassan stole from SD-6, and now SD-6 will make an example of him. Jack is to go to Cuba to locate Hassan. Jack mentions to Sloane that it's been a hard week, what with Russek and Hassan. Sloane reminisces about his early days in the CIA, and how even then he felt a darkness coming, even though his wife had not yet been diagnosed with lymphoma and the CIA had not yet betrayed him. Hassan should be dead before the weekend.

Sydney tells Vaughn that Hassan is now Nebseni Sahd and gives him Hassan's new passport number. Sydney says she met with Sloane this morning and said Kenya was a failure. Vaughn says that Sloane knows Hassan is in Cuba and sent Jack there to kill him.

Flashback to Vaughn and Jack's meeting. Vaughn says the CIA wants Hassan alive with his client list. Jack should tells Hassan that SD-6 sent him to kill him, but that he's planning on leaving SD-6, and will fake Hassan's death for his client list. Jack thinks Vaughn is making a mistake, that he shouldn't trust Hassan. Vaughn says it's not a matter of trust, that there will be a CIA team waiting where Hassan's death is faked. Hassan will never be a free man again.

Sydney asks Vaughn if that's all that he and her father discussed. He says it was. Sydney seems to think Vaughn might be keeping something from her, but doesn't worry about it too much. She tells Vaughn she has to go, she has friends coming. Vaughn asks if it's Francie. She says yes, and Will. Vaughn nods over Will's name.

Flashback to the rest of Vaughn and Jack's meeting. Vaughn tells Jack he got a copy of Russek's transmission. He knows Jack setup Russek. Jack cuts Vaughn down, saying he has no right to question his decisions. Vaughn admits that he didn't actually get a copy of the transmission, he just had a hunch. Jack says he knew that Sydney was going to be tortured and likely killed. He had to do something fast.

Flashback to Jack in the conference room. He takes a small device from his briefcase, goes to a computer room and gets rid of the tech there by telling him to go check on something. He takes the device and sticks it on the side of a server. Back in the conference room, he types madly on his laptop, altering the record of the transmission. Later, he sees Sloane take Sydney's hands in friendship.

Will is practicing using snow shoes. He spots the present that Vaughn gave Will and asks her what it is. She says it's just a present from some guy at work. Not Dixon, who's still recovering, but some other guy. She says it was actually kind of weird that he gave her a present. Will suggests that maybe this guy from work likes her. She says he doesn't, certainly not in the way that Jenny likes Will. They tease back and forth. Francie calls Will from the other room.

Will joins Francie in the kitchen. He mentions the present Sydney got. She mentions that Sydney told her about Jenny. Will says it's not a big deal.

Back in the living room, Sydney unwraps her present. It's a beautiful silver frame. She goes through her box of pictures and finds an old picture of herself with her mother. She is about to put it in the frame when she also comes across an old picture of herself with her father.

Sydney meets with Vaughn and tells him about how the picture brought up a memory for her. She remembers asking her dad if Santa Claus was real. He answered in this flat factual way that made her realize he was lying. When she asked him about Russek, he answered the same way. Sydney knows that Russek died because her father was protecting her. Vaughn points out that Russek wasn't such a great guy, that he was an early member of SD-6 and knew he was working for the bad guys. Vaughn lists some of the stuff Russek did with SD-6, and Sydney realizes that Vaughn knows enough about Russek to know he wasn't working with K-Directorate. Vaughn admits he knows Russek was sacrificed for her. Sydney says that's not a decision her father should be making. Vaughn asks her what she would have done if it were her daughter in her position, or her son... or Danny. Vaughn goes on to tell her that her father was kidnapped by Hassan. The CIA has people in the area, but they don't want to move and attract too much attention. Sydney tells Vaughn that if he understands why her father had to do what he did to protect her, than he's going to understand why she needs his help to get to Cuba.

Will visits David McNeil in jail. He asks David about SD-6. David says he has nothing to say about it. Will says he met with Robert Stoller and Stoller told him about David's wife. David tells Will to stay away from Stoller and then walks out.

In Havana, Sydney searches for her father, showing his picture around.

Jack is badly beaten and tied into a chair. Hassan comes to mock him and Jack tells Hassan he has an offer to make.

Sydney breaks into Hassan's compound and takes out a guard.

Jack offers to trade Hassan is his freedom for his client list. He tells Hassan how they could fake his death so SD-6 would stop hunting him.

Sydney goes after another guard, but he gets the best of her.

Hassan worries that Jack will double cross him. One of the guards brings Sydney in and dumps her semi-prone body on the floor. Hassan unties Jack and gives him a gun. He says that if he really wants to prove that he's going against SD-6, then he should kill this other SD-6 agent. Sydney looks up at her father in horror as he aims the gun at her.

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