Season 1, Episode 5: Doppelganger

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Aired: Sunday, October 28, 2001

Rating: 6.2/9

Written by Daniel Arkin
Directed by Ken Olin

Guest starring
Tom Everett
Norbert Weisser
Lori Heuring as Kate Jones
Maurice Chasse
Kevin E. West as CIA Officer Logan
Yvonne Farrow ad Diane Dixon
Robert Bailey, Jr. as Dixon's son
Subash Kundanmal as Petel
Pablo Santos as boy
Kenneth Ivan as UCO host
Jeff Chase as bodyguard
Clint Lilley as Petel's bodyguard
Tristin Mays as Dixon's daughter
Kevin Mitnick as hacker
Greg Grunberg as Agent Weiss (uncredited)

Gadgets: a business card that, when placed on a computer monitor, gives one full access to the computer system reports that Kevin Mitnick, a computer hacker who was once among the FBI's most wanted, will guest star in this episode. The twist, though, is that his character is working for the government. He'll play a CIA agent who works with Sydney and her CIA handler, Vaughn, to help bring down the renegade SD-6.

"It's really ironic playing a CIA agent ... especially after being targeted by so many federal agencies," Mitnick says.

Mitnick served about five years in prison for a number of computer fraud crimes, including stealing proprietary software for cell-phone systems. He was released in January 2000.

One of the conditions of his parole is that he not be allowed to touch a computer; "Alias" producers had to assure Mitnick's parole officer that he was using only props in filming the episode.

"If someone else had cast him on another show, I would have been jealous," says "Alias" creator and executive producer J.J. Abrams. "I've always been a fan of Kevin's renegade spirit and sense of genius and curiosity."

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